Meet the gang

Our initial five boys have been together since birth and are extremely inquisitive and well socialised, a testament to their breeders, Rushmere Alpacas in Bedfordshire. We didn’t stop at five though and now have a herd of eleven lovely boys!

Leonidas The Alpaca


This is Leonidas, the second oldest of the herd, born May 2018, he’s a mid silver grey and is a Huacaya alpaca, as are all our boys with the exception of Samson who is a Suri alpaca. Leonidas is good natured and easily hand fed, although he has developed a “scooping” technique to maximise consumption.

Leonardo The Alpaca


Leonardo is a very handsome boy with fabulous confirmation, a mid brown born July 2018, was much smaller than the others but has caught up and grow into a fine chap. He has a lovely nature although is not always front of the queue to be caught. Very much the boss of his half siblings, Kiril, Mercury and Mars.

Laertes The Alpaca


Born June 2018, Laertes, a bay black, claims the fluffiest ears amongst the gang, great natured if not the boldest, easily recognisable as he usually has a clump of grass hanging from his mouth.

Lukas The Alpaca


Say hi to Lukas, a bay black born June 2018, the tallest (to date) His rather wide eyed appearance give the impression of worry, but he’s very confident and the most vocal of the herd, also probably the greediest as well.

Lysander The Alpaca


This is Lysander, another mid silver grey born June 2018, very much the popular one, extremely inquisitive and good natured, loves to have his neck stroked.



Otherwise known as ‘Uncle Kiril’ as he is such a sweet gentle boy who looks after the little ones in the herd. Being born in July 2017 he is the oldest in the herd but despite his age he’s definitely not top of the pack. Although `Kiril’ looks brown, his fleece colour is deceptive and he is in fact a modern grey, his younger half siblings Leonardo and Mercury have the same mum.



Maxi, as we like to call him is a solid white alpaca, when he was born in July 2019 he was a very big, strong and playful cria with amazing blue eyes. Maximus has a lovely kind nature and is always happy to talk to you when he is being handled.



Another mid brown boy with an amazing quality fleece, he is so handsome with a heart shaped nose and sweet smile, he too was born in July 2019. Mercury loves his carrots and being centre of attention and often stands on his hind legs at the fence to get noticed. He has the same mum as Leonardo and Kiril.



Mithras is a light fawn although you may be forgiven in thinking his fleece is white in certain lights and although similar to Maximus it is easy to distinguish them by the amount of fleece on their faces. Another greedy boy who loves his carrots, he was born in June 2019.



Rio came to us as a tiny little seven month old with the longest fleece I’d ever seen on such a young alpaca. He is a solid mid fawn with the most amazingly soft fleece. What he lacks in stature Rio certainly makes up for in personality, he is the smallest of our herd born in October 2019 but he still has plenty of time left to grow.


The newest addition to our herd, Samson was born in June 2020. He is a white Suri alpaca, his fleece doesn’t grow perpendicular to his body like the Huacaya alpacas but grows downwards which gives him a very different appearance. He loves to play and run around the paddock and is a very inquisitive and confident chap.

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