Meet the gang

They have all been together since birth and are extremely inquisitive and well socialised, a testament to the breeders, Rushmere Alpacas in Bedfordshire, who have brought them on brilliantly.


Leonidas The Alpaca

This is Leonidas, the oldest of the herd, born May 2018, he’s a mid silver grey, and is a Huacaya alpaca as all our boys are. Good natured and easily hand fed, although he has developed a “scooping” technique to maximise consumption. A little more wary than the others and doesn’t like to lead on walks.


Leonardo The Alpaca

The youngest, Leonardo, a mid brown born July 2018, was much smaller than the others but has caught up of late. Has very much the “teddy bear” look, a great natured boy.


Laertes The Alpaca

Born June 2018, Laertes, a bay black, claims the fluffiest ears amongst the gang, great natured if not the boldest, easily recognisable as he usually has a clump of grass hanging from his mouth.


Lukas The Alpaca

Say hi to Lukas, a bay black born June 2018, the tallest (to date) His rather wide eyed appearance give the impression of worry, but he’s very confident and the most vocal of the herd, also probably the greediest as well.


Lysander The Alpaca

This is Lysander, another mid silver grey born June 2018, very much the popular one, extremely inquisitive and good natured, loves to have his neck stroked.

Watch this space as we are adding five new weanlings to our herd this Spring!

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