It all began in 2017 when I met three gorgeous alpacas at a trade show. I had seen alpacas before at children’s farms but seeing these three boys sparked something special. The alpacas’ inquisitive nature, unusual looks and calming influence intrigued me and I set about finding out a lot more about them.

Whilst working full time as a secondary school teacher I took every opportunity to spend more time with these curious, docile creatures. A lifestyle change had been on the cards for a while and I hoped that working with Alpacas would be the way forward to a more fulfilling and giving life. My dreams were allocated deadlines, turning those dreams into plans and I bought my herd early 2019 and Big Sky Alpacas was born.

So what are my dreams? It’s simple really, it is to provide people with an experience based around our Big Sky Alpaca herd, that will leave them happy with treasured memories. Whether it be an alpaca walk where you can take an amble with your own alpaca, a workshop creating something from their amazing, beautifully soft fleece or a visit from the alpacas for those who are unable to come to them. We would love to bring smiles to your faces and those of your guests by attending your special party, family event or wedding, anywhere where there are people who want to learn more about alpacas and be influenced by their peaceful and quirky characters. Believe me when I say, although you have to work for them, dreams really can come true!